About Credit Innovations:

As Owner of Credit Innovations, I would like to thank all our customers for making Credit Innovations what it is today. In 2017, we have once again experienced substantial growth, and we look forward to new and exciting things to come in 2017 and beyond.

Since we opened Credit Innovations in 2007, we have been dedicated to providing the best customer service, unprecedented results, all at the lowest possible price. Taking the company from 10 clients a month to more than 500 clients per year within 6 years has been unexpected. Did we have a goal in mind when we started? Of course we did. Did we expect to be one of the leading CSO companies in the United States in 6 years? No, we did not.

My staff and I all have renewed our commitment to do whatever we can to ensure your experience at Credit Innovations is a great one. We started out with roots in Houston, Texas and focused on just our local community. But as we have found out, clients from all over America are coming to us for help. So, we now serve you no matter what state you live in.

Customer Service and Results: In this industry, you only survive by providing both service and results. Having said that, take the time to browse our website and arm yourself with meaningful information. 100% of our clients leave us in better shape than when they arrived. We are averaging a 50-60% deletion rate within the first dispute process, which is unheard of in this business. We don’t do the ‘soft’ deletion process here. When we get a derogatory account removed, it WILL NOT show back up on your credit reports.  That is called a 'hard' delete.  If you give us enough time, we can probably give you a complete credit file restoration. You may ask how that is possible. Well, for starters, we start with the basics. We get to know you as a client. That allows us to put forth our best effort when we start with your credit repair. We know 100% of our client’s names and stories like the back of our hands. There is no assembly line feel here at Credit Innovations. We don’t consider our client’s as just another notch in our business. Our client’s are what makes us who we are today, and we never forget that. Our list of satisfied clients continues to grow, and for that we are thankful.

We started out as a small company and have continued to grow by leaps and bounds, yet retaining that small company feel. We will never sacrifice customer service and results in lieu of corporate greed. We will always remain a small, family owned business. In this industry, it is tough to move forward, but we have persisted and continue to offer our clients unprecedented results.

We are a registered Credit Service Organization with the State of Texas. We abide by Texas Rules and Regulations as stated in Chapter 393 of the Finance Code.

As our motto say’s “Earning your trust is vital, keeping it is essential”

We have a very extensive referral list. That is what happens when every single, let us repeat that, every single one of our clients benefits from our work. We’d like to think we run circles around everyone else in this business, but being modest is what keeps us focused and in control.

All we ask from you as a potential client is that you please make sure you check out our credentials. Google us. Research us. You’ll never find anything negative about our company. Why is that? We have an easy answer. WE PRODUCE!! If you have any questions, no matter how minor they may be, don’t hesitate to contact us. We enjoy talking to our clients and getting to know them personally.

Please view our client results link. Our results speak for themselves. Those amount of deletions occurred in just 30 days!! We will put our success rate up against anyone in this industry. Credit Innovations has two main principals. Offer clients unparallel customer service and unheard of results. It’s an easy concept for us, but difficult for many others to achieve.

This is why we work hard for our clients. When we receive emails from clients that say the following, we truly get a feeling of accomplishment and know that our clients are loyal to us.

Hey Scott,

"Thank you very much for your help!!! It means alot to me with good people like you in this world that have the time to chit chat as well as handle business. May God bless you and anyone else who comes in contact with you."

J. Thornton.

Yes, Mr Thornton is a real client of ours.  He is among the many who have benefited from our services.  Following is just a few more.

D. Baugh. Went from a 567 to a 695 credit score in 3 months.

J. Celis. Went from a 583 to a 723 credit score in 3 months.

L. McCoy. Went from a 583 to a 653 credit score in 2 months.

K. Breaux. Went from a 600 to a 672 in 3 months.

Disclaimer:  Every client of ours has different issues that we have to overcome, so results of course will vary depending on your individual situation.  But, for the most part, we mean business around here and strive to achieve the above mentioned results for every client of ours. 


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