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We have now upgraded our referral program.  This is mainly directed towards Mortgage Companies, Loan Officers, and Real Estate agents.  We will still honor our referral program to our regular internet client as well.

Our main business comes directly from Mortgage companies, LO's, and Real Estate agents with the goal to get your non qualified clients qualified to close on their mortgage.  Instead of just turning them down and giving up on them, send them to us so we can get them qualified to close.  Will we get everyone qualified?  Yes.  Having said that, there is no need to let any declined clients go to waste.  Send them to us and we'll get them closed.  

Our referall pay program is a tiered program.

1-10 clients per month pays out $25 per client.

10-20 clients per month pays out  $50 per client.

20+ clients per month pays out $100 per client.

As stated above, there is no reason to just let those non qualified buyers be put aside.  We'll get them into our system and score ready to close on their mortgage. 

If you have any questions about our program, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Toll Free.  888-498-3426
Local.  832-437-8381

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Referral Programs
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