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Step1: Purchase 

Choose between our Full Credit Repair (Individual or Couples). Call us at 832-437-8381 and speak with a Credit Specialist to see which option best suits your needs. If you feel more comfortable emailing us, go to our home page and click on the Free Analysis link and fill out our form. We will then guide you on the following procedures. We do offer discounts for one time payment clients.   

Step 2: Authorization 

Complete and submit our Authorization Agreement and Credit Card Authorization Agreement.  One of our credit repair specialist will email you our agreements once you have settled on which plan is best for you.  Read carefully and sign. Then fax it to our office (832-203-4506) or scan/email to your assigned credit repair specialist. You may also mail it to us directly with your other documentations. 

Step 3: Information

You will need copies of your credit reports. We like our clients to register with That way, you along with us can monitor any changes or deletions as they happen in real time. If you choose to opt out of the monitoring service, we will gladly pull a tri-merge credit report for you. We need 3 of the listed documents below along with your credit reports.

Your credit reports from ALL 3 credit bureaus (we recommend

  • A copy of your Drivers License
  • A copy of your Social Security Card
  • A copy of a current bill (Electric, Water, Cell Phone, Car payment, etc.)
  • Valid passport
  • Student I.D.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Tax Return

These documents are only provided for dispute purposes only. Your information will remain PRIVATE and SAFE. The credit bureaus will not proceed without all of them! 

Step 4: Consultation 

One of our specialists will contact you once everything has been received. Once payment and documentation has been validated, we will start our process with all 3 Credit Bureaus. (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian). We will document and track the entire dispute process. Payments by credit card will be invoiced through our secure payment processor. We accept personal checks, money orders, cashiers check, or cash in person. 

Step 5: Results 

Within 3 weeks you will start to see removals on your credit reports. YES, 3 weeks!! We track our work online, so you the client can be part of the process. We don’t believe in keeping the client outside of the process. You will then receive your investigation letters back from all 3 Credit Bureaus in 4-6 weeks. Once you receive them, you will see the results of Credit Innovations dispute process as deletions from your credit report. Remember to mail or fax a copy of your investigation results to us directly so we can cross reference which debt remains and which debts were deleted.

EVERY customer will get our full attention. Keep in mind that we are working on your behalf. All correspondence from the Credit Bureaus will be sent directly to you and not to our office. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.



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