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1. Who is Credit Innovations?

We are Credit Innovations located in Houston, Texas. We are registered with the State of Texas as a Credit Service Organization. We abide by Texas Rules and Regulations as stated in Chapter 393 of the Finance Code.


2. What makes Credit Innovations different then the next credit repair company?

We are here for YOU. Other than our results, it’s our customer service that we pride ourselves on. Our customers are what makes Credit Innovations strive and grow as a well known credit repair company. Putting our customers first let’s us focus on getting you the results you have paid for. With an average 50%-60% deletion rate within the first month, our clients receive dramatic credit score increases. Give us 6 months and you will have an entirely different credit file. We here at Credit Innovations sell results. That is what this business is about. No games. We have the know how to get items deleted using the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


3. Does it matter what state I live in?

The answer is no. We are based in Houston, Texas, but most of our clients are from outside of our home state.



4. What kind of experience makes us able to perform our job better than others?

Well, we try not to down grade our competition, but our credit repair specialists have joined our team from the Auto and Mortgage industries. We have over 20 year’s cumulative experience working with the credit industry. We know what it takes to get items removed off of your credit reports. PLAIN and SIMPLE. What we do is not extremely difficult. It just takes time and patience and the know how to get the job done. 


5. Can we really repair anything derogatory from my credit report?

In MOST all cases, yes!!! Please remember that we are humans and at times this isn't a perfect world. In the rare and we mean very rare case we can’t improve your credit you will receive our GUARANTEED FULL REFUND and any insight we have to help you proceed with your credit improvement.


6. What can we remove?

*Medical Bills
*Auto Loans (Repossessions and late pays)
*Telephone Bills
*Student Loans
*Broken Leases
*Gym Memberships
*Credit Cards

 ** If your concern is not listed above, feel free to contact us and tell us about your situation and we'll gladly get back to you within 24 hours. Please remember that most consumers have inaccurate reporting on their credit file. 

We have been able to take care of it all. The more major a debt is, the longer it might take to get corrected. We do our due diligence on any debt albeit small or large to get it removed as quick as possible. Of course, in case we can't improve your credit you will receive a FULL REFUND!!! 


7. Do we offer pricing for couples?

YES!!! If you and your spouse need our credit repair services, then we charge $899.00 for couples service or you may choose for the split payment option. Otherwise, individual pricing starts at $699.00 or the split payment option.


8. Once we delete derogatory reporting, will it show back up in a later date?

NO!!! We have yet to have a customer of ours call us to let us know that a deleted debt has shown back up on their credit report. Please remember, we are correcting your debt that is being reported to the credit bureaus. The debt still remains, but the goal is to correct it’s filing on your credit report. (There is only one way your debt will re-report and that is if the original debt gets sold to a collection company).



9. Why do we only charge $699.00 or the split payment option?

Well, if you'd like to pay us more money, we'd gladly accept it!!! Seriously, we think our price is what’s fair. We don't believe in hype or flaunting our company as having specialized attorneys working for us like others do. Do we have attorneys that work for us? Yes, we do. Do we charge extra because of that? No, we don’t. Those that sell attorneys as part of their company are selling you a nice warm fairy tale to make you comfortable with shelling out extra cash. We sell RESULTS or a FULL REFUND!!!! We understand that times are tough for most people, so having said that, we have changed our payment structure. We used to charge a one time fee, but have come to find out that most of our clients have a hard time paying the fee in full up front, so we now offer a low up front fee and very reasonable monthly payments. 


10. How long does this process take?

Once we have your file opened and ready to go, we will have your files out the following day. Yes, the following day!! Once the disputes have been processed, we will contact you directly to let you know the status of your disputes. We will be able to track our progress online and within 3 weeks, we’ll start to see deletions being done. The best part about it is you, the client, will be able to track the deletions along with us in real time as they happen. You will also receive the standard result letters from the bureaus 6 weeks out from the start of your files.


11. What kind of payments do we accept?

We accept secured payments online through our secure payment processor.  You can pay with your Master Card, Discover, Debit or Visa. We also accept mailed payments in the form of personal checks, cashiers checks or money orders. And in the case that you are local, we do accept cash payments.


12. How do I choose a credit repair company that is honest?

Call the companies you are considering and ask questions. Try to get a feel for how they are treating you as a potential customer. Are they listening to your situation or are they trying to sell you their services? Do they have a GUARANTEE they are willing to put in writing? Is the company a registered Credit Service Organization? We ask that you please do your homework. 90% of Credit Repair companies are fly- by-night companies. There are a few of us out there that are truly working for you and do things the right way.  


13. Explain your money back GURANTEE?

Credit Innovations offers a full money back GUANRANTEE in writing that states if we are unable to improve your credit status, we will refund you your money. We offer this GUARANTEE because we know we will improve your credit and not to mention legitimate Credit Repair companies legally have to offer a money back policy. We will make sure you leave us better than you arrived.

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