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"Earning your trust is vital, keeping it is essential"

* 2011 US Commerce 'Best of Local Business' Houston award winner.

* Real results, permanent deletions, no consulting fees, and real time monitoring.

* #1 Rated Credit Repair company by

* #8 Nationally Rated Credit Repair company by
* #1 Preferred Credit Firm for Credit Networx.

* We use up to date software programs (Credit Sweep) to acheive our deletion rate (80%). 

* Credit Innovations has now opened up a sister company called Credit Repair Nerds.  Visit today.
  We've also posted up our credit reports.  You need to think real hard before you hire someone to work on your credit profile.  We practice what we preach.  We don't hide our personal credit history to our clients.  One look at our credit report and you'll see we mean business.
* Starting August 28th, 2013.  We now offer seasoned trade-lines for our clients.  We have (5) $500 credit limit credit card accounts available.  (3) $1000 credit limit credit card accounts available.  (1) $10,000 credit limit credit card account available.  All of our accounts report a 20% balance and below and are over 5 years old!!  We only have 40 total Authorized User account spots available. 

* We are now offering long term debt management and financial services to all of our clients.  At no extra charge.  Once you have started with our credit program, we'll set up a no charge consultation to discuss your long term goals.  Income protection, Investments, Retirement, Auto/Home Policy coverage.  We have exploded our services to our clients to go way beyond just credit consulting.  We think in big pictures here at Credit Innovations.

* We only take on 50 clients a month, so space is limited.  Serious and ready to move forward clients are the only clients we accept.  We value our service and time to our current clients, which is why we only take on 50 new clients a month.  If we take on any more, then our service and results decrease and we won't settle for just average.  We bring it to the credit bureaus like no other company does.  Our record and results speak for itself.  Call us today to get started.
* If you live in Houston, you can hear our promo's on The 9-5-0.

* We are a complete Credit Consulting Firm.  We offer one on one consulting for our clients.  We don't just focus on deletions.  We focus on your long term credit power.  Deletions, Balance Ratios, Trade-lines, and Payment History.  True credit power.  Long term credit power.

* Hours of business.  M-F 9am-5pm CST.  Saturday by appointment only.

* Business address:  410 W. Grand Parkway S. Suite #380.  Katy, Tx 77494

* Like us on Facebook and receive a $50 discount.

Our goal is to upgrade, or completely eliminate any or all negative information contained in your credit reports.

* Collections
* Late Pays

* Charge-offs
* Judgements
* Tax Liens (We have a 100% removal rate)

* Bankruptcies
* Foreclosures
* Repossessions

* Child Support
* Student Loans

* Medical Bills (We have a 100% removal rate)
* Inquiries
* Dispute Statuses (We can now remove dispute statuses off of your reports in 72 hours)

First, we analyze your three credit reports from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.  Then, we consult you on your credit repair service needs.  Should you retain our credit repair services for your credit repair needs, we will devise a game plan specific to your credit repair needs and move forward.  We abide by Federal and State laws to accomplish our results.

When you become a client of Credit Innovations you can expect:

* 100% Communication Guarantee.  We offer real time monitoring on your credit file through  We do the updates and notify you of any removals.  24 hr email response.  Return calls made within the same day or following day. 

* Guaranteed Approval.  If you are trying to qualify for a mortgage to purchase a home, or if you are trying to qualify for a re-finance, we can help.  The home buyer is our client.  It's what we specialize in.

* Home Buyers:  You are our specialty.  We specialize in dealing with potential home buyers and their credit.  Not only can we get your credit straightened out to close on a mortgage, we have honest, hard working Houston based mortgage lenders and real estate agents to help you along the way.  And if you aren't a resident of Houston and the surrounding area, that is fine.  We have lenders across the State of Texas to help you during the process.

* Reasonable rates.  We offer a one-time payment option or payment plan for our credit repair services to suite your budget.

* Free Consulting after sign up.  Our fees cover your credit report clean up, new trade-line recommendations, and our consulting expertise from beginning of sign up until the goal is met. If you are need of credit repair help, just give us a call.  We are here to consult and inform our clients.

* Consulting.  $50.  If you don't sign up for our services, we will gladly consult you and go over your credit reports and devise a game plan for your individual needs.  If you do sign up, we'll discount our $50 consulting fee from our service fee.

*Bad Credit?  Keep in mind we perform 'hard' deletes.  Meaning, when they are removed, they will not report back onto your credit file at a later date.  Be aware of companies that peform 'soft' deletions.  Do you want what was removed to show back up in 90 days?  On average our clients receive a 100-150 point credit score increase. 

* Satisfaction Guarantee.  Credit Innovations is Texas State Registered and Bonded.  There is good reason for, the client are assured that Credit Innovations complies with our contractural obligations with you under Texas State and Federal statutes regulating and governing credit repair services. 

* Military discounts.  If you are a present member or ex memeber of the United States military, please let us know and we'll offer you a discounted price. 

* Mortgage Companies/Loan Officers/Real Estate Agents:  If you are having problems with clients who aren't qualified to purchase a home, please contact us and we WILL get them qualified.

* Recommended Professionals: Throughout the years, we have established trusting and professional relationships with Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers within Houston and the State of Texas.  Not only will we fix your credit, but we'll put you in contact with top notch mortgage lenders and top notch real estate agents.  We know all of the big players in the Houston area. 

If you plan on paying off any collections or charge-offs, please call us first.  Collection companies are not looking out for your best interest.  We are! 

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